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    If this the New combat system , then it will be...

    If this the New combat system , then it will be game over for me, and it will be BB Ravel & Co who will loose on it, beacuse i am a "gem player" !!!
  2. Dark Mutiny-

    We are a good and nice guild, we are in need for new members , we like to work together and help each other if we need help, resours and other stuff will be provided to you from members in our guilde...
  3. cant load my map

    Hi i have done all this steps, and it did not helped me , the map is still "locked" and the members of my guild cant visit my land either??
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    i have been waiting to get connetected for five...

    i have been waiting to get connetected for five days now, my map is not loading, and People in my guild can not visit my land either, it seems like i am locked out from my land since the map is not...
  5. connection issues

    i have problems With my map, it seems like is not loading 100% and the dos not start, my frinds in my guild cant visit my lend either, this has been ongoing for 4 day now, and support is extremly...
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    Map dosent load

    I have the same problem, the map is not loading and i have done all the tips and hint BB_Ravel gave me, and i have tried to loged in on to diffrent computers with out any luck . i have done all the...
  7. Thread: Magic Beans

    by Avatar_1

    Magic Beans

    i have 5 Magic Beans, and i have heard that they are rare and hard to get, i Wonder on to sell them?
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