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    HorseBack normans Guide Tweak for 16 min run

    With the Easter payout HB is 1 of the best for quick runs ie: 16 mins from start Adv & sending Gens to finish, Normans guide just needed a few tweaks to speed things up

    Troops RQ'd

    2 X MG, 2...
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    TY Linguaafiada :) .......looks gr8 will be...

    TY Linguaafiada :) .......looks gr8 will be better when I have all the COA's & clearly a load more MMA's

    As for the oblex & qaw .....when I have played as long as you 2 have obviously...
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    Maximising XP on YWC using Mary Christmas

    Props to Geezer123, Hades8840 & dorotheus :cool:...

    Since Swordsmen are now the cheapest & fastest to replace (the elite V of recruits), it makes them the most affordable on losses

  4. ali YWC with blocks.jpg

    Ok using some of the blocks & killing the other 2 camps above landing zone ....(eg 215sw loss 70 for 4K + mary bonus...
  5. Sweet ty Geezer will be gr8 when I can get more...

    Sweet ty Geezer will be gr8 when I can get more COA....& reach lvl 57..... :)
  6. OK I'll bite which guide??????, as YWC XP is 139K...

    OK I'll bite which guide??????, as YWC XP is 139K XP on prem 209K a guide that gives 300K would be gold for the mountain that is the climb to LVL 75

    I will add to this guide when I reach...
  7. Good catch TY :)....

    Good catch TY :)....
  8. MAX XP ALI YWC Using Gen Mary Christmas skilled

    AVG XP makes good use of a 1 day prem, ::beans:: The Horseshoes buff takes the sting out of walk time .......AVG time 1 hour 30 mins to finish

    The major advantage of this is no blocks, no hassles...
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    Level 54 & 55 ali....young woodcutter guides

    These 2 guides are because there is very little available for when you first build your Elite Barracks
    & most either requires HUGE numbers of std troops....which take longer to build than the Elite...
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