1. Please could you remember my previous sort order used on the trade tab when I click update. Its only a little thing but just makes it slightly more friendly to use as sometimes I sort it based on what I have excess of.

2. Highlight trades I can actually do, versus trades I cant, perhaps background green for ones I have the resources for. Don't want to hide the ones I cant as I might be able to convert to get to those. But maybe a hide option to only show possible trades.

3. If you don't sort and then click update, the new trades should be distinguishable from the previous trades you had on screen. This would mean I can see easily at the top of the list the new trades since last clicking update. Perhaps with a hard visible line on. This would only work with no sort. Alternatively have an asterix next to new trades since last time I clicked update.

4. Multiple trades. Once I have made a trade with someone, allow the trade to happen again immediately. At the moment, making a trade with someone will remove that trade option for you to take their offer again. After the trade has happened I should see the offer again. An even better version would be for me to be able to offer x number of trades to their offer so they could accept multiples of that trade. So if they put up a trade of 50 Marble for 50 gold, I could send 200gold and they would be able to select 1,2,3 or 4 trades meaning I get 50, 100, 150 or 200 respectively.