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Thread: SidV's adventure journal

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    ooooh and sidV, maybe you can ask support for access to this tread again
    Retired settler, may 2012 - oktober 2017

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    Hey, love your work, but I have a suggestion for Witch of the Swamp.... why lose troops to the bandit leader camps when you can just ignore them, the quest says Defeat the With Tower, so its not necessary to defeat all the other camps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lo4eath View Post
    the quest says Defeat the With Tower, so its not necessary to defeat all the other camps
    true, it is not necessary, but you also don`t get the experience points for them

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    First of all: great post.
    Has the best pictures around (at least from all I've seen so far).

    About the horseback adventure; you wrote:
    Quote Originally Posted by SidV View Post
    I uploaded today a new version for horseback. Its a blocking method and you could save so around 100-150 recruits from her death
    Your total (max.) loss:
    422R, 91B

    Still to many recruits lost if you'd ask me, considering quests like "complete horseback losing less than 300 recruits".

    My alternative below results in an (effective) total loss:
    281R, 31M, 129B, 3LB

    Loot: 200 granite, 400 marble, 700 horses, 200 brew, building deed (flowery stone), 7230 XP

    Camp16: 70 Nomads, 40 lance riders
    ==> 50R, 150S
    Loss: 45R

    Camp17: 70 Nomads, 20 Cataphract
    ==> 42R, 5M, 153S
    Loss: 42R, 2M

    Camp11: 60 Nomads, 40 Lance Riders, 60 Composite Bowmen
    ==> 37R, 10M, 153S
    Loss: 37R, 2M

    Camp 4: 80 Lance Riders, 120 Composite Bowmen
    ==> 40R, 15M, 145S
    Loss: 40R, 15M

    Camp 3: 90 Nomads, 90 Composite Bowmen
    ==> 39R, 7M, 154S
    Loss: 32R

    Camp 19: 60 Nomads, 75 Riding Bowmen
    ==> 85R, 15M, 100S
    Loss: 1B for block
    85R, 12M

    Camp 15: 90 Riding Amazonian Guard, 10 Uproarious Bull
    ==> 127B, 73LB
    Loss: 1B for block
    127B, 3LB
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    Tropical Sun not covered by this enormous post? you go.
    No blocks, just normal generals.


    30 Scavengers, 30 Rangers
    ==> 200C
    Loss: none (100 longbows loot)

    30 Scavengers, 30 Guard Dogs
    ==> 50R, 150S
    Loss: 19R

    20 Caltrops, 1 Crazy Ships Cook, 20 Knife Throwers, 20 Petty Officer 2nd class
    ==> 65R, 5M, 130S
    Loss: 65R, 2M

    40 Caltrops, 50 Sabrerattlers
    ==> 25R, 5M, 170S
    Loss: 21R

    20 Caltrops, 40 Sabrerattlers, 20 Gunmen
    ==> 1R, 199C
    Loss: 6C

    60 Guard Dogs, 30 Rangers
    ==> 29R, 8M, 163S
    Loss: 29R, 5M

    50 Guard Dogs, 40 Rangers
    ==> 33R, 7M, 160S
    Loss: 33R, 3M

    60 Roughnecks, 30 Rangers
    ==> 38R, 9M, 108S, 45C
    Loss: 38R, 5M

    30 Thugs, 50 Guard Dogs, 1 Skunk
    ==> 27R, 6M, 167S
    Loss: 27R, 3M

    Total loss: 232R, 18M, 6C
    Loot: 350 granite, 400 hardwood planks, 400 iron swords, 600 bronzen swords, 75 settlers, 300 copper refill, 3600XP + 100 longbows from first camp

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    hi sidv cheers for guide

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    keep up the good work

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