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Thread: Just a quick suggestion

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    Just a quick suggestion

    Get new mods.

    Just got banned for talking about Pirates , honestly no game wants a community full of mods on there high horses. Just something you should think about if you want to grow.

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    but was what you were talking abut profane at all. ... even if you didnt realise it ....

    you have to realise that this game does have a lot of kids in it

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    McRooster, you may not realize it but you do use a lot of rude words in chat... Some of which you can be banned for.

    If you wish to complain though, this is not the place for it. Please send me a PM on the forum with a proper description of the problem.

    Best regards,


    PS: I'm closing this thread.
    I am no longer the Community Manager for this version of TSO. Please send any question to BB_Ravel.

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