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Thread: TSO app for iPad and iPhone

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    Hi guys,

    BB is currently working on an app for Android ans Iphone. Unfortunately, the devs are concentrating on other, more important features right now so I can't tell you if and when this app will be released.

    I am no longer the Community Manager for this version of TSO. Please send any question to BB_Ravel.

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    Can I test that app more Android phones or tabs (Android version 2.1.x-4.0)?

    So why not Nokia phones same time?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FridomZ View Post
    Tso just doesn't work on my Samsung Galaxy S+, after the game has loaded and textures have just begun doing so, a gray screen with a play button in the middle appears, the whole thing just restarts after tapping it, any suggestions, tips? A proper app would be quite amazing indeed.
    Can you please start your own topic?


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