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Thread: Section 5 Production

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    Talking Section 5 Production

    Hello and greetings everyone

    I was wondering if it was worth putting a storehouse on section 5 near the 2 ironmines, building 2 iron mines and having the store house in the open green then building random buildings around the storehouse which is needed such as tool production, wells, coal etc.

    I already have a good layout for production of marble in the same section ''5'' but the open space on the green is open enough for a decent production set out.

    If anyone has a good production efficient layout please post below or give me ideas and tips for this area, i will not copy your's but rearrange it to suit myself. Here is a picture for those who arnt sure what i mean.
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    I marked possible building locations. It's good place to place few buildings. X means storehouse location.
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