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Thread: A PVP & GVG idea!

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    A PVP & GVG idea!

    Hi settlers!
    I got some PVP idea, easy to make (Maybe I only wish it is) and using existing in game features

    How it works:
    Player X sent an invitation to player Y to fight against. He decides the warcost will be 100 coins (or whatever offered just like making a trade offer).
    Y accepts and they both receive an adventure called War between players X and Y.
    They send their generals to this adventure and...
    Now is the only thing that is to make from the basics i think for BB.
    ... and they see their fortress (which give off course tower bonus) and their generals in it.
    After peace time(i think 1 hour will be fine) they can send their armies to defeat the others or wait for them in fortress.

    There are two possilibities how to make this fair.
    1)There is 1 condition: the general can only move max. 10 meter (meter is the shortes lenght of buided street) when send.
    there will be empty bandit leaders which has to attacked to get to enemy fortress. When general beats such a camp, he stay in the place, and is ready to take another one, or if it's possible he can attack enemy fortress. When he leaves such a camp. If u try to attack the enemy fortress directly, te bandit camp from the nearest minisector will capture him, and he must attack again.

    When one player defeat defenders in fortress, the war is over and the winner gain coins both he pays and the enemy pays. Off course both of them gains exp, for every killed enemy unit + winner gets some more.

    The same like PVP but there can be may players.
    Only difference is all players who want to take part in must pay as much coins as Guilds liders decided to (the same for both guilds off course)
    Example from 1st guild 5 players take part in war, from the 2nd: 6. Cost per player: 100 coins
    1st guild wins, so players from guild 1 gets 220 coins ( 100 because of what they have paid and 120 because of what their enemies have paid)

    I hope u will like my idea .
    Thanks for reading and leave your comment

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    Interesting ideas though you would have to factor in the different experience levels in pvp else it could be very one sided. The only other snag is coins - I personally rarely have as many as 100 coins, cause it is taking onaverage 20 searches to find an adventure, and as I own the island . . . well you get the picture!

    Perhaps pvp should be for a set treasure - that could be 1 player offering their treasure and people could then fight for the treasures they want, and a difficulty attached to it / challenger's treasure so everyone was inagreement before hostilities started

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    I tried to make a easy PVP system using only existing scripst, to be applied until, PVP system made by BB from basics will be done.
    100 coins is an example, i said the war offer will be similiar to the trade offer, u can choose for what u will figth for

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