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Thread: Forever lvl38

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    Forever lvl38

    I encountered a very nice bug.
    After finising my Motherly love i opened my looting-mail.

    i was pleased to see, that i got scored enough xp to break the next level,
    finally level 39 and 170 more gems.

    However after some flickering in the green-avatarbar it stayed full.
    While hoovering the mouse over this small green bar i read:

    XP total:235971
    XP Needed for next level:29

    So i read it to be level twenty-nine for me next
    Ok, that does it!
    Where is me promised gems.

    Tried to write to support, bang reloaded the game.
    Bug stayed the same.

    A Blue-man came to the rescue, but nothing to be done about it.
    Clearing cache, reloading nothing helps.

    Possibly i hitted a number in between levels 38 and level 39,
    so i am a real Outlaw not to be confined into the limits of this game.

    Hmm speaking of Outlaws, nice adventure
    I will attempt writing a script for it.

    Bug solved!
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