Hello guys,

Have you ever been pushed to viewing a video, going onto a link or being sent to a website that looked weird? Have you ever been told about a hack to the game, a cheat code or a "special way" of getting gems and bonuses for free?

Well... They don't exist! Because TSO works via direct access to the servers, only someone with physical access to our database can change anything there. This means that, unlike other games where part of the information is located on your computer or where your shooting skills can be enhanced by an automatic code, you will not be able to cheat in TSO.

So be careful! Most of these so-called cheat programs (if not all of them) contain viruses and dangerous code for your computer!
We have tested a few over the past year in BlueByte and none of them work (in fact all of them contained dangerous viruses and key-loggers).

If you encounter these or see someone advertising them, remember that this is a fake! Warn other players not to listen to them and report this person to the Support.

Thank you for your cooperation and stay alert