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Thread: Adventure: The Island of The Pirates For first Timers

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    Adventure: The Island of The Pirates For first Timers

    The Island of The Pirates
    This is a guide for players who do not have a lot of soldiers yet.
    PS.if anyone knows a url for the map email me and I will add it in.
    There is an attached Map at the bottom

    Troops typically needed
    688 Recruits(R) ----- Lose 613-688
    189 Cavalry(Cav)

    == Sector 1 ===
    C1......11 R, 189 C; lose 7-10 R ---vs--- 100 Deckscrubber / 50 Gunman
    C2......200 R; lose 31-42 R ---vs--- 100 Deckscrubber / 50 Caltrop
    L1......200 R; lose 71-93 R ---vs--- 50 Caltrop / 100 Saber-rattler / 50 Gunman

    == Sector 2 ===
    C3......200 R; lose 42-53 R ---vs--- 60 Knifethrower / 60 Deckscrubber / 60 Caltrop
    C4......200 R; lose 35-46 R ---vs--- 40 Caltrop / 40 Saber-rattler / 40 Gunman
    L2......200 R; lose 36-53 R ---vs--- 2 Petty officer 2nd class / 80 Calstrops / 80 Saber-rattler

    === Sector 3 ===
    C5......200 R; lose 39-59 R ---vs--- 90 Caltrop / 90 Saber-rattler
    ***** Attacking either one of the next 2 camps attacks both
    Target the T1 camp to attack the C6 Camp (attack both camps same number of troops will be lost)
    T1......200 R; lose 10-24 R ---vs--- 100 Caltrop *****
    ***** You must manually retreat here or you will attack the next camp
    C6......(Remain R from T1); lose 50-58 R ---vs--- 100 Deckscrubber / 30 Caltrop / 40 Gunman
    C7......200R; lose 30-50 R ---vs--- 100 Caltrop / 70 Saber-Rattler
    L3......200 R; lose 190-200 ---vs--- 1 Crazy Ship's Cook / 10 Petty officer 2nd class / 100 Saber-Rattler / 70 Gunman
    if lost send 150 Cav to ensure no more losses.

    All calculations were do on the Combat Simulator

    And I'd like to Thank Starfire512 on Castle Empire for providing a basis for my work. You can see his/her version of this on
    His/her work has fewer loses but requires a lot more advanced units which lead me to my work above for lower level players.

    Key: C = Camp
    L = Leader
    Attached Images

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darklite93 View Post
    L3......200 R; lose 190-200 ---vs--- 1 Crazy Ship's Cook / 10 Petty officer 2nd class / 100 Saber-Rattler / 70 Gunman
    if lost send 150 Cav to ensure no more losses.
    Hi there, try for the last camp two waves:
    1: 117R
    2: 40R 160C

    Then you could reduce the losses from around 200R to around 140R
    More you find HERE. The second tactical map is also with R only.

    See Yu,

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    Last camp 1 wave:
    Sent: 145R 37M 18S; Loss: 145R 30M

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    I never get intercepted on this adventure. It say's your general is being intercepted but nothing actually happens.

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    You've found an old guide that was done long before the path finding algorithm changed.
    Ever since the new pathing, the trap and camp NE of it won't intercept each other anymore.

    If you want an updated guide that doesn't require soldiers, check mine here.

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    And this should be in the adventures section.

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    Guys...what on earth are you doing with the last camp?
    Can be done much cheaper:

    1st: 8R+55B ==> kills all sabrerattlers
    2nd: 30R+170C ==> kills everything else at the cost of around 20 recruits

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