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Thread: Build Building Error

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    Post Build Building Error


    I did build the noble recidence. the game put it down and then take it away.

    Did happen:

    Build noble recidence
    Take hardwood 105 marble 35 + 1 building licences
    Building disapears and did not build and did not get back the hardwood, marble or building licences.

    I did have 1 building licences, now i got nothing.
    I did wait 2 hours and logon again and refresh and even clear the cash.
    But it is stil gone the building and hardwood, marble and building licences.

    Please help

    Greets from MKxXx

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    You should mail support about it.
    Under your avatar (in game) you have a menu (drop down by the cogwheel icon), there you will find it.

    Best of luck!
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