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Thread: Ignore function

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    Smile Ignore function

    I was on Global earlier today while there were a couple of particularly nasty trolls on. I was one of several players complaing about the lack of a Mod, not realising that Penny_UK was on the job but having problems banning them. Penny suggested that we all set them to Ignore, good idea as if Trolls dont get fed they die! Most ppl did not know how to do this ........ so, my suggestion is that the ignore function be added to the pop up menu you get when clicking on a user name in chat, maybe report as well?

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    nah that will just get to many misclicking

    commands can be found via /help
    and ignore: /ignoreadd <playername>
    can always ask how it works if not on top of mind
    Nevermind I give up

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    ok that didnt work getting fed up with settlers and them not being clear about stuff -.-

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