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    Thumbs up Lootspots

    I saw people selling these and couldn't figure out what it actually was, a few questions in help later and I understand it better, I thought I should explain on the forums though for others like me with no idea.

    The loot rewards for an adventure apply to every player slot, if you solo a 4 player adventure, you don't get more loot but you actually waste the 2nd/3rd/4th slots rewards.

    With this in mind, you should probably aim to sell all the spare slots on any multiplayer adventures, its free gold coins (or something else if you choose).

    The only loss is a tiny amount of xp, this is because the total xp for the adventure is split between the players depending on how many kills were achieved and each player has to kill something to be eligible for getting the loot at the end.

    Hope this helps others understand.

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    The extra experience is worth more to me than the loot or gold.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tierarzt View Post
    The extra experience is worth more to me than the loot or gold.

    The experience you'd lose by selling a lootspot is normally just a few tens of XP.
    The latest lootspot I traded was Stealing from the Rich which gave me 400 granite, a lot of other goodies and 120 experience points.
    That lootspot is usually traded for some 200-250 gold coins.

    If 120 XP is worth that much to you, I'd gladly invite you next time I play Stealing from the Rich myself,
    in exchange for a mere 150 gold coins and the (worthless to you?) loot that would otherwise be lost.

    I need to point out that you don't have to sell a lootspot. You can also give it to a good friend of yours.
    In exchange for which he/she can invite you the next time he/she is playing the same adventure.

    But to let the extra loot not be claimed by anyone, in exchange for a few extra XP, is a bit stupid.
    After all, it is an online game where you're supposed to help and interact with your friends.
    And I do trust that you do have friends who'd be happy to get 400-500 exotic wood or granite for free...

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    I have 1 small question about this: To get the reward from a lootspot you have to kill something, but does that have to be a full camp or would a few units in a camp also be enough?

    I invited a friend to a quest but now I cleared everything until the last castle (dark priests) and I don't think my friend could actually clear that by himself, but he could sac some recruits to kill a few cultists.

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