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    i thought a move building was to come in if it has where is it and if it hasnt why not how can i replenish mines before they are exhausted

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    To replenish a mine before it runs out you need a refill. Various types can be bought in the Trader shop, currently for eggs and gems (normally just gems). Some refills also come as loot in adventures (also refills for wheat and meat) - these seem to be mainly iron ore, and occaisonaly I seem to remember from quests.

    Moving buildings is somewhere on the list I believe, but it'll be a lot cheaper to wait until you are at a higher lvl, as moving buildings around will give you something to do and you should have plenty of resources (so try to place buildings that you spend gold on in the right place first time!). Remember you don't get any of the upgrade cost back when you knock a building down

    Also remember that the important bit is how far from the store house the production building is - the closer the better. It doesn't matter if say the smelter is nowhere near a mine or near a weaponsmith. Don't put non-production buildings near a store house, they just take up valuable room (things like barracks, provision house, tavern, branch office, residences - these can be anywhere on the map

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