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Thread: more active role of the hero (players avatar) and other suggestions

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    more active role of the hero (players avatar) and other suggestions

    I'm not sure if there was similar suggestions already or not. Sorry if I repeat someone's ideas. What I propose is:
    A. to give player's avatar (Hero) more active role in the game:
    1. if he fights with his army, troops get motivation boost: stronger and high moral. (stronger attack and higher defense)
    2. if he monitor production building the production increase as long as he's staying there.

    B. I like this game very much, however I cannot help but wonder if it possible to add some female figures? I mean male workers is understandable, after all all of the manual work for settlers and serve in army require physical strength and other purely male traits. But it's a bit creepy for me to watch population growth without any woman present...
    May be some women walking around residence, bakery, foresters, main house and some kids running around?

    C. Food upkeep. No food => hunger => death of some population until there is enough food. I think it will give more realism to the game.

    D. Bandits raids. Once player have army, perhaps bandits will attack him on random occasions? For food, women, weapon, etc purposes (If player fail to protect attacked building, bandits will loot some population (always population losses in case of player's defeat), food or other resources depending on building attacked.). Player will have to have troops to defend each sector. Or make them patrol all conquered area (troops do not stay at one point and constantly move from one building to another). Strength of bandits raids attacks will increase with each level player gain. Until player conquered whole island bandits attack from island. Once island is conquered there is no bandits left, pirates can find out about settler's base and start attacking for the same purposes as bandits.

    E. Buildings:
    1. herbs farm. (tool+herbs+wood+stone = healer house)
    2. Healer house. (heal troops. Well, I don't think that every battle results in dead and alive only. There are also wounded. So healer can cure them. It's up to developers to decide if healer can revive some troops or just heal survived ones)
    3. Cow, sheep, deer, fruit, vegetable etc farm. For food upkeep suggestion. Again, it's up to developers to decide which one or all of them.
    4. Tower. for bandit raids suggestion. Troops can monitor area from towers, locate bandit raids earlier and move to intercept them.
    5. Fort. For protection from pirate's raids. Perhaps even forming a fleet.
    6. Church. Population growth => wedding Plus, having religious center is really important for stability of new settlement, granted there is no inquisition there ^^

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    Interesting ideas, some of which have been suggested in similar forms elsewhere, so perhaps BB will throw them into the melting pot (i.e. the additional types of buildings).

    One problem I see with the pirates idea is that with the game continually running, you could be offline and come back and find your village raided and burnt, spend the time online trying to repair and the same thing happen when you go offline!, so that could be quite complex to resolve.

    Similarly the bandits making attacks on your settlements - at lower lvls many struggle to raise enough troops to progress without having to keep some troops back / repair damage

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    i have played othere games that have raids of npc and they are all bad unless your playing 24/7 you got no chance so i realy hope that will never happen here
    i like that i can log out come back 3 days later and still do what ever i want with no must defet this imposseble thingy and lose all my buildings for me then ot sit 2 hours sitting doing nothing waiting for it to come back id say if you want to do stuff like that go to backyardmonsters and let this be the way it is

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