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Thread: Limericks Event: Be the Best Bard!

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    Jan 2012
    There was an old saint,
    who really liked to paint.
    And in his spare time,
    he also liked to rhyme.
    But he knew he was screwed,
    the moment he used,
    his favourite colour orange.

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    Oct 2011
    Dear Settlers,

    It was really hard to choose one out of all of them as "the best" and we've finally found our favorite.

    Congratulations HogarHorrible for your entry that has awarded you first place !

    " There was a young fella called Ray
    who played settlers online for a day
    he built mines in the hills
    and a couple of mills
    and now he just can't stay away !!

    We want to thank all of you for participating and hope you enjoyed reading such good limericks

    We'll send you the 2 000 Gold Coin prize as soon as possible.
    I am no longer the Community Manager for this version of TSO. Please send any question to BB_Ravel.

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    Reading, UK
    Thank You for choosing my rhyme,
    it really didn't take me much time,
    i'm loving the game
    and now, all that fame
    is making me feel quite sublime.

    :-).... I loved reading the other entries, some great limericks and some which must have taken a lot of time. I feel honoured to have been chosen from such a great selection when there was so little to choose between them. Looking forward to the next one ...
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