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Thread: Bandit Camp bug? sector 9 - empty camp still standing

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    Question Bandit Camp bug? sector 9 - empty camp still standing

    My general lost a battle and was wounded - I'm used to this.... however, when I click on the camp he attacked, there are no bandits left.

    I logged off and back in again to see if it needed refreshing, and it still shows the same empty camp.
    If you go by KillerCore's combat map, it's camp #4 in sector 9.

    How can I conquer the camp if there's no one there to conquer? Any ideas?

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    Even though the enemy sides lost all its forces, you also lost all you forces and your general lost.
    It's not a bug. You need to win before you can claim the camp.
    Just send the general back again with 1 recruit.

    A draw is not a win
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