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Thread: Geologist resources findings report in mail

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    Thats OK, i believe it can be a little bit annoying. At least BB can include an option to choose, recieve or not to recieve notifications...

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    Old thread but still.
    I don't need more mails but when you log in the news tabs should show what mines are depleted on that time when I was out.

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    man if you dont even remmember what you sendt out to serch for then i feal sorry for ya

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tierarzt View Post
    You knew which mines were exhausted before you even sent the geologist, that's why you sent him in the first place! It doesn't take a genious to work out where to check first.

    There are only a limited number of mines over the whole island. If you sent your geologist to find (for example) coal, you'd know which two areas to check without scrolling all over the map. Same thing applies to all the other mines.

    The lazy are getting lazier every day.
    Lol Tier count me lazy then. Or maybe more realistically forgetful. I often send them off and forget where I've sent them.

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