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Thread: Earn XP for buildings and working Settlers.

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    Earn XP for buildings and working Settlers.

    The Settlers Online Game is getting harder and harder the further you go, and the only thing you'll get is some gems when you level up. Why not make a change that you also get XP for the buildings you build and have build and for your Settler population. Then you have more items to earn XP than only by playing Adventures which cost you a lot of army and resources.

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    I've always said the daily quest should reward experience, not a lot, just a few percent of the total required for the current level.
    If we earned, for example, 3% of the experience required for the current level, it would still take a month to gain a level through daily quests.

    The experience rewarded wouldn't be enough to upset the balance of the game, expecially during the tutorial stage.

    At level 2, the required experience is 100, the daily quest would reward 3 points. Not enough to upset the tutorial.
    At level 40, the required experience is 314,000, the daily quest would reward 9420. Still not enough to upset the levelling balance but something more befitting to the task at that level.
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    i think one of the main problems at the moment though is that the levels are capped at level 50, and if this was done loads of people would reach there quickly and ot be happy. this could only be possible when the cap is sorted.
    ^Craig Matthews (mattc062)

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