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Thread: Double Rewards appears, but only one is useful

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    Smile Double Rewards appears, but only one is useful

    Hi, I recently noticed when I win a battle the loot price appears twice, but when I applied it to the major house, one of them do nothing, and appears as used in the star menu.

    I hope this is useful to improve that wonderful game, I just love it

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    visual bug, happens due to lag- if you click the mailbox closed and then open it fast enough, the reward mail is still there (but no longer highlighted) if you open mail and accept again- it seems like you get the reward and icons show in star menu- if you refresh client however- they will have disappeared.

    if you open the mailbox slower, the mail will also have disappeared unless serverside lag is really bad- then it can take somewhat longer ) But at least it is just visual and not exploitable

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