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Thread: Let us build a massive monument.

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    Let us build a massive monument.

    With the price of marble standing at 8gc and dropping and stone... well does anyone even buy it?.... it would be great if we could build a massive monument with our resources.
    It could be as simple or complicated as programming allows.

    We could set number of settlers to work on it ( changeable ) and keep adding different resources. It could be like The Statue of Liberty or Pyramids or Blackpool Tower. We could all make a unique monument. This would then start a tourist trade as friends pay to visiy our camps to see our monumets and buy scale models we sell in the little shop at the top.

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    at 1400marble for a gold mine and a possible 8 of them it makes it a necessity for those who rebuild them to harvest and buy vast quantities of this, hwp and tools. It's really the mines that keep the hwp/marble demand there even after you've levelled up all your buildings.

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