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Thread: How Science Can Change TSO For the infinitely better

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    Lightbulb How Science Can Change TSO For the infinitely better

    Recently I made A thread on the idea on implementing research into TSO here, and not a few weeks later we can now see this in the Dev Diary:

    Quote Originally Posted by BB_Azariel View Post
    We’ve been working on new elements for high level players in order to increase the level cap in the future. An important part will be the new science system. You will be able to gain skill points and use them in different kind of skill trees.
    This new science system clearly has the potential to add a whole new dynamic to TSO, implementing many of the other suggestions made by people all of this forum.

    -Boats and exploring
    -Removing unwanted chores such as replenishing mines, wells and Wheatfields.
    -Making combat more complex and interesting

    As this new feature is in its early stages we can assume that BB is still tossing around ideas themselves and so what better time than to present our own ideas.

    So for this thread please post down below any ideas for research abilities, how you think it should be implemented and any other ideas

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    Personally I still feel we should have a research building from near the start of the game that we can level along with us that has research trees for each area of production (mining, farming, Smithing, Wood etc.).

    Research Abilities:
    - The ability to keep mines standing once the deposit is depleted, so as to keep its level.
    -Increasing the capacities of deposits.
    -Research into Geology to allow the player to set geologists to automatically find deposits when depleted.
    -Ability to move trees around the map

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    I found the game had some focus and a splash of excitement while trying to clear my island. Once I got bottlenecked into redoing adv over and over things fell apart. Therefore I would suggest research be allowed around level 30 so as to flesh out the things we can do once we clear our island.

    Judging from how they are developing the game at the moment I think we have more chance of seeing things like:

    Mine surveys
    When a mine collapses further analysis of the mine is done to see if a new route can be established. When the survey is done the mine reopens with 50% of the original resource available but adds on 50% to the time it takes for a new mine to be found again via a geologist.

    Genetically modified wheat
    Allows bakeries and breweries to produce twice the amount of produce per cycle. However stable production time will increase by 50% as the horse breeders will refuse to feed there horses modified wheat.

    Coffee IV drip
    Makes your army fight 27% better but if they fight for more then 2 rounds they become irritable and throw there swords down mid fight and wonder off in search of some trance music.

    Flexible and compact architecture
    Trees still can’t be removed but this research will let you build most buildings on sections with trees in it. If the building is destroyed the trees will reappear but can not be collected from while built near. If you build near or on trees environmentalists in your village will protest which will have a negative effect on the building placed amongst the trees.

    I had one on reproduction involving the mayor’s house but thought better of posting it when thinking about forum chat rules. I had to use coffee in replace of something else as well.

    I think research will end up coming out in 3 flavours. Either a pointless effect which does something to something we don’t use, don’t need or rarely use. A minimal effect which will probably cost lots of gems or res for not much in return. Or what I think is most likely is they will be of the give and take variety where the research gives something good on the one side and then takes away with something negative on the other.
    A little less compensation, a little more action please
    All this compensation ain't satisfactioning me
    A little more content and a little less bugged
    A little less inconvenient and a little more hugged
    Re-do PvP so its actually PvP and bluebyte satisfy me.
    Satisfy me bluebyte.

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