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Thread: Master weaponsmith

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    Master weaponsmith

    A 'master weaponsmith' would have the unique ability to forge every conceivable weapon -- consolidating bronze swords, iron swords, steel swords, damascene swords and crossbows -- under a single roof (though only one weapon type at a time, by toggle switch). Available for gems. Help with server costs.

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    and pray , how much should it cost? seeing unlimited copper mine is 20k gems and dama/xbow/cannon forge are expensive buildings in materials

    i would hazard a guess of 30 or 40k gems at a minimum- which probably would make it fairly pointless to implement, esp with the coding of new lines for toggle and multiple purpose building- which is not ciurrently available (so not a copy/paste and tweak thing)

    Anyway, current game mechanics makes it pointless anyway. There is no point/economic sense to build any of the high end buildings except for the purpose of building em. The xbow, dama sowrd and cannon made through production are 5 to 30x as expensive and much slower to make than getting em from adventures, which u need to play anyway to progress in levels. Supply of these items is on the whole, bigger than demand and usage in adventures is limited (read: failed attacks will cost you but else you wont lose many or any of these high end troops)

    So as long as the fundamentals of the game arent changed- it is pointless developing major changes to the top end weapon porduction as these changes would lead to just another useless building. I'd say- spend time developing pvp and/or other forms of progress etc whcih would give the game more dept

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