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Thread: problem with loot spots

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    problem with loot spots

    i just paid for a loot spot got the invite ect ect and accepted but i could not access it to send my general or anything i cleared my cache and refreshed but it still was not there also had it on black nights a few days ago but being new to the game thought i messed it up somehow but after tonight know it was nothing i did is this a common problem because im at a stage where i dont want to pay out for anymore loot spots i have also contacted support aswell but not sure if i am supposed to contact them or just put in here so ive done both

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    problems you want resolved for you personally you always contact support- general bugs etc should be posted here for feedback and being picked up by devs etc but on the whole will never lead to individual corrections

    and one well known bug with adventures is that if you accept an adventure that is the same adventure name as the one you are playing (so VtV and you accept invite to another vtv etc), the second adventure doesnt always show up in your questlog or pop up adventure box- It will only show after you finished the adventure you are already playing. So in that case you need to finish your won adventure first and then get a kill on the second adventure- which usually gets people annoyed for having to wait (or give up and go ahead and finish it before you make a kill)

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