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Thread: The Battle of the Settlers Bands!

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    The Battle of the Settlers Bands!

    This was started a week or so ago by a few regular chatters in Global One, myself included. We thought it would be fun to share it with the world!

    "Out now! the debut album from The Settler and the Raven..."Welcome to Global 1" including debut single, "Yeeebawallayaweeba!"

    The Settler and The Raven -

    Band Members:
    Zelkina - Drums
    Hrafn - Guitar
    rabitt_ - Fool
    didactylos - Organ
    KilgoreTrout - Bass
    Lucicerious - Vocals / Alternating Screams

    Track listing:
    1 Yeebawallayaweeba!
    2 "I said one thing, I have 30 friend requests"
    3 "Trade is in global 3"
    4 Chuck, Chuck you CENSORED suck.
    5 Help!
    6 Paradise by the mayors house light
    7 Everything I do (I do it for the guild)
    8 Pegi-7 is not my lover
    9 English in Global 1,2,3
    10 Scared to death by field depletion
    11 Ravel's song (Viking metal style)
    12 Slaying Wild Mary

    Bonus Tracks
    13 Troll Hammer (Amon Amarth style, featuring MOD_BruJah174 and MOD_Doom2)

    14 Ban Hammer (Amon Amarth style, featuring MOD_BruJah174 and MOD_Doom2)
    15 Down for maintenance

    Special Thanks go to -
    Antifa - Sound Engineer
    CMOT_Dibbler - Catering

    Hope you enjoyed, and please feel free to group with your friends and add your own Band Names/ Album titles/Singles!

    Zelkina xx
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zelkina View Post
    CMOT_Dibbler - Catering
    And you managed to find enough time between two latrine visites to be able to sing songs together? O_ô

    ...I'm impressed!
    I am no longer the Community Manager for this version of TSO. Please send any question to BB_Ravel.

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    ROFL!!! too funny Zelks!!!

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