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Thread: two barracks?

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    two barracks?

    ive got atm a lvl 4barrack, still Very slow. so i got this idea.. , when u have upgraded the barrack to lvl5 u can build a second barracks.
    lvl 5 cost pretty much 9000exoticplanks and it wouldnt be so easy to build a second.
    what do u think about my idea?

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    The idea sounds nice to me, once you reach a certain level like yours and are able to get your barracks to 5, you should be able to build another one (from scratch of course).
    It will still cost you building licence, materials and it won't be effective for a high level guy until upgraded again. Right now it won't seem to affect any kind of balance either so...
    I think it's good +1

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    I think they want you to invest in drill plans once you need units faster than a lvl5 can do.

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    2 barracks would just make things too easy

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