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Thread: [FAQ] How to Adventure!

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    [FAQ] How to Adventure!

    To reduce spam, all questions about the adventures will be posted and answered here. Before you ask any question please read first thread. There's a good chance that the answer you're looking for is there or your question has already been answered here.

    "How do i get adventures?"

    There are 3 way's to get adventures: a) over the gem-shop b) the adventure seek with your explorer or scout and c) by trading with friends or other players.

    Go to gem Shop. Choose category Adventures and Select adventure what you want to buy. You can buy adventure with gems or map fragment.
    (Adventures, Wild Mary, Gunpowder, Roaring Bull, Bandit Nest and Surprise Attack are adventures that you can't find with explorer and only way to get them, is buy them for gem shop)

    Choose explorer -> Find Adventure -> Choose how long Adventure search your explorer start to search
    The costs for adventure searches are:

    Short adventure search:
    24 hours – 10 coins 50 sausage
    36 hours – 30 coins 150 sausages
    48 hours - 60 coins 350 sausages

    The Maps your Explorer might discover and the chance of finding them.


    Use the trading channel (trade tab) or the forum ( Server Forums -> (Server where you play) -> ( Market place ) to get info about adventure sellers or if you want sell your adventures.

    You could trade adventures like other items directly with your friends. Choose your friend, click on his avatar or name in the chat and choose trading. Then choose adventure in the trading window and send trade.

    Once you have traded the adventure, you can find it under ‘items’.

    Starting and adventure

    To start an Adventure, click on an adventure map in the starmenu. There you can see what exactly the objective is and how long the adventure will take. The adventure difficulty is also listed here, marked by a colourscheme. Click on ‘start adventure’ to begin your journey towards the goal. The details of the adventure can be seen at any time, by clicking on the adventure in the friendslist and selecting ‘details’.

    The colors of the "flower" in the logo reflects the approximate level of difficulty:
    = easy = lvl1-4
    = medium = lvl4-6
    = difficult = 6-9
    = very difficult = 9

    Sending armies and visiting zones

    Once the adventure is in your friendslist, you can click on it and visit the adventure zone to have a look around. If you want to take your army to battle, click on ‘Send army’, but make sure to first allocate units to your general on your home zone, as usual. Once you get a list with units to send, you chose your general and his units, so he can get on his way to the adventure map. You can send multiple generals to one adventure map.

    Moving general in adventure

    When your general first arrive in to area. It will position to landing zone. You can move general to another area, without him getting intercepted. You can see green area, where you can move your general.

    Recalling your General and reinforcement units

    Sometimes its necessary to get reinforcements in order to complete the adventure map objectives, but this does mean your general needs to travel back to your home zone. To do this, you first need to visit the adventure map. Once there, click on yourself in the friendslist, and select ‘send army’. Chose the general you want to send back home

    Note though, that you can send units between generals on the adventure zone. If you leave units on the adventure zone while your general is getting new units, they will wait for their general to return.

    Co –op adventures and inviting friends

    There are single and multiplayer adventure's at the moment available (1 Player, 2 or 3 Player). You could only invite people from your friendlist or guildmembers of your guild. Open the quest book, click on the adventure and then "invite friends".
    When you invite a friend into you'r adventure, be sure he is online and could accept immediately. After you invite your friend, a mail go's forward to him and he has 8 hours time to accept. If he would not accept, there is no way to stop the invitation. So you have to wait 8 hours. After the 8 hours you should get an automatically denial-mail.
    Can I invite players below lvl 26 to an adv?
    You can Invite any level player to your adventure, only level requirement its player how start adventure.

    Adventure rewards

    After you have successfully completed an adventure, you will find your reward in your mailbox.

    Breaking off adventures and time-exceeded adventures

    In the cases where the adventure has exceeded the time limit, or you had to break the adventure off, your general will automatically travel back to your home zone. Units that were left behind, specifically units without a general at that point, travel back to your home zone and are then placed in your Storehouse. You won’t get any reward in your mailbox, but you will get the experience points of the bandit camps that you have defeated till that point.

    Adventure ends.

    All troops assigned to a general come back with him after the adventure finished. Troops without a general come back per "Troops Transport". You could see it in your starmenu:

    Assign troops to empty generals before you start you're last attack. So you save time for the troop transport. Without general, it takes 90 min to troops come back.

    How to Block

    Allways use your block general, as normal general.

    Block Method 1

    As you can see our destination is leader camp number 2, destroying this camp, camp 1, will disappear. We cant atack camp 2, because we got intercepted camp 1 (see the red zone) and we must fight or block it, to reach leader camp.

    Normal camp and traps have red zone
    Leader camp have not red zone.

    We take A general and send it with 1R, and atack bandit camp number 1.
    When A general is fighting, red zone will disappear, and you can send B general to Leader camp, number 2.
    Block gives 3-5 second to time, before general will loose battle. Normal general gives more time, than Battle hardned general.
    You can send 2 or more general to camp 2, and if they reach destination, before red zone appear :
    1. First general, who arrive start fighting in camp.
    2. Second and third general is waiting in camp, and will not intercepted, when red zone appear.
    3. Second and third general wait until First general is finished battle. 1. If first general wins, all generals return in own camps. 2. If first general loose, second general that arrive in camp, start fighting next. Third general fight if second loose, or return with second general.

    If general wins and there is still bandit camp with redzone, general is not intercept, because general is allready reached destination and is returning.

    As you can see, our block is going to fail, because general B cant reach Leader camp, number 2, in 3-5 second. General A will loose battle. Camp 1 got red zone back, General B got intercepted and atack camp 1.

    Atack general A to block camp 1, (blue circle)
    Send general B to camp when blocked 1 (lilac circle), when general A reach inside red circle.
    Assing both your general 1 Recruit and send them like in picture. You loose battles and you need recover 4 hours and loose 2 recruits.
    (A general must bee normal general)
    (B general can bee normal, battle hardened or veteran general)
    Your block is succesfull, when your both generals reach difference camp and fight in short time, same time.

    Your both generals fight in difference camps.
    When you have practiced this enough, you can atack next time seriously.

    General A lost his battle, and is retreating. Camp 1 is still left.
    General B is still fighinting in camp 2 and is winning battle, camp 1 is removed, when B general wins battle.


    We atack General A to Camp 1. When general A is fighting, we send General B to Camp 2. B general start fighting and fight faster and destroy camp 2, before blocking general A loose or wins battle. When leader camp is defeated, bandit camp is automatically removed, and your block general A is not going loose any troops. Technically, block general A fights never finished so is same that it never started.

    Some of those blocking method can do with both normal general, but there is high risk to fail block.
    For example, pirates blocking method 3.
    Player A used normal generals and was succesfull with blocking.
    Player B used normal generals, and used same timing with A, but fails block

    Some of those atack(s) general can be normal general, but you have chance fail block, in worst case scenario.
    For example: The Island of the Pirates blocking method 3, (last block)

    Player A used normal generals and was succesfull with blocking.
    Player B used normal generals, and used same timing with A, but fails block

    If you didnt understand text, please watch pictures:

    Block general is fighting while another general is travelling to a bandit leader camp.

    Both generals are fighting in different camps

    Both generals are fighting, but general that atacks leader camp is faster and start destroying leader camp.

    General destroyed leader camp, before block general looses battle or wins battle.
    After leader camp was destroyed, both generals return back to garrisons. You see in middle that normal general battle still continue but hi does not loose any troops.

    Blocking time per round

    The battle can be split up into three parts...

    1) The time from the moment when the general disappears till the time when the battle starts

    Regardless of the type of general this is always 5 seconds.
    Part of those 5 seconds is probably the 3.3 seconds it takes for the general to walk to the center of the camp.

    The remaining (or preceeding) 1.7 seconds may well be the time that has to elapse till the camp is considered busy engaging the attackers.
    If another general is walking into the same camp's influence area after those 1.7 seconds, that general will not be intercepted.

    2) The time for the battle itself

    This is dependent on the number of rounds, but is independent on the number of phases (first strike, normal and last strike units).
    • For a fast general (bhg or veteran) this is 10 seconds per round of fighting
    • For a normal general this is 20 seconds per round of fighting

    3) The time for the countdown if you are victorious

    This is the part where the camp starts smoking and the countdown bar is going from green to red.
    This part only occurs if you're winning the battle. If you lost, the time for this part is 0 seconds.

    The duration of this part is likewise dependent on the type of general.
    However, in addition to that, it is also dependent on the type of camp:
    • For a fast general killing a trap it is 10 (2+8) seconds
    • For a normal general killing a trap it is 20 (4+16) seconds
    • For a fast general killing a camp it is 20 (2+18) seconds
    • For a normal general killing a camp it is 40 (4+36) seconds
    • For a fast general killing a watch tower it is 80 (2+78) seconds
    • For a normal general killing a watch tower it is 160 (4+156) seconds
    • For a fast general killing a fortified watch tower it is 120 (2+118) seconds
    • For a normal general killing a fortified watch tower it is 240 (4+236) seconds
    The countdown will visually not start until 4 seconds (2 seconds for a fast general) have elapsed.
    That is the time indicated in brackets above.

    How to loot spots

    1) lootspot "selling" (less losses / fast ending):
    The easiest way to sell a lootspot:
    - Buyer need normally a minimum losses: 1-5R
    - Buyer sends the trade (coins/resources whatever ^^) to the seller
    - Seller invite the Buyer
    - Buyer kills one enemy unit (one wolf, one scavenger, 1 enemy is enough)
    - Finishing adventure should be immediately after the attack of the buyer (normally around 1 hour)

    "On adventures is there any benefit to taking out all of the camps?"
    You will get only the XP (experience points) for defeating camps. So the benefit to taking out all of the camps is, that you will get the whole, possible XP from an adventure.

    It is possible to skip some camps and get also all possible XP! If you defeat the camp leader of a sector, you will get the XP for the whole sector (inkl. the skiped camps).

    Combat System

    As you can see by watching combat replay from battle reports, all units with the same initiative are attacking in the same phase, for clarity the attacks of your units are displayed first (but its still the same phase).

    a) first phase
    (cavalry, dogs, wolves, shadowsneakers, most of the amazon type of units) - attack in the first phase, since they can damage units before those can strike back - their damage is usually decreased.

    b) second phase - normal initiative (most units)

    c) last strike - cannons, most of the viking type of units, most of the bosses

    Special abilities:

    a) first strike - causes units to be able to attack in the first phase

    b) attacks weakest target - obvious. In fights against any units with this ability it is highly advised to not use cavalry/ archers of any kind, as it usually comes with first strike and will eliminate all your weak units before they can fight back; there are however few tactical exceptions from this rule - you can sometimes add bowmen to your footmen/LB/crossbowmen army to draw enemy cavalry attacks, so that bowmen are killed instead of more valuable ranged units.; units: cavalry, shadowsneakers, guard dogs, like half of the amazon units, some bosses.

    c) splash damage - causes unit to deal the damage that exceeds the amount of hp of the target to be applied to the next target. IE a boss that deals up to 800 damage would normally deal 800 damage to a recruit, effectively killing it. With splash damage, he will kill up to 20 recruits instead (as excessive damage will be dealt to the second one, third etc..) ; units with this ability - boss creatures, some of the pirates

    d) tower bonus - this applies to archer units that are in towers and therefore harder to kill, tower takes longer to destroy

    Additional mechanics (apart from splash damage):

    a) hit chance - this is confirmed by some sources that are unrelated to BB as the chance to deal maximum damage. If the hit is not successful, minimum damage is dealt instead.

    Eg. 200 roughnecks against 200 soldiers, you have 100% chance of winning the fight as roughnecks have only 60% hit chance (meaning they will only deal half their damage 40% of the time).

    Principles of army composition:

    a) Use recruits. These are the fastest produced units, using the least materials that are the easiest to get (as producing them requires only basic structures, cheapest mines and technically the least number of buildings).

    b) Attack twice whenever you can. Its always better to weaken the camp and then finish it with cavalry/archers than to engage in a fight that you win with barely any units left.

    c) militia/soldiers do more damage than recruits, in a well calculated fight they can replace archers as extra damage dealers long as you dont lose them

    d) bosses are attacked first. This is quite important, since there is plenty of fights where even throwing 200 soldiers to die will leave you with no units killed. Normally a way to avoid that is sacrificing cavalry to clear some of the units hiding behind the boss (attacks weakest units first -> rings a bell ?) up to a point when you can engage boss with a combination of footmen and archers (or just footmen if boss attacks weakest units aswell).

    Important links

    The Settlers Online Combat simulator

    Adventure Guides, not yet link
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    "I remember old times when we had to go level 50, no rewards, nothing in there, only destination"

    How To Adventure

    How to join a Guild

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    nice one .. thanks for the help mate

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    Thanks for all the info

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    Excellent info, makes it easy to understand, thanks so much.

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    with the time bb is to make improvements,who is in a hurry getting xp??? i can only laugh about this ...sorry

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    Does anyone know which adventures are considered "epic" adventures? I can't seem to find that info anywhere!

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    The purple ones.

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    Here are all adventures, sorted by their type:

    Quote Originally Posted by Tage View Post
    Experience Adventures
    • The Dark Priests
    • Horseback
    • Witch of the Swamp
    • Traitors
    • Stealing from the Rich
    • The Nords
    • Sons of the Veld
    • Gunpowder
    • Surprise Attack

    Resource Adventures
    • The Island of the Pirates
    • Outlaws
    • Victor the Vicious
    • Bandit Nest
    • Wild Mary

    Epic Adventures
    • The Black Knights
    • The Dark Brotherhood
    • Secluded Experiments
    • Roaring Bull

    Follow-up Adventures
    • Old Friends
    • Motherly Love

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    Great - thanks so much!

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    hello i canot find bandit nest in "The Maps your Explorer might discover and the chance of finding them." can any 1 tell me in what search could i find him?

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