Hi there,

So, I have been reading about battles, have been explained by a few veteran players, and have seen it in action. The concept of having a red area around any camp aside from the leader is perfect, makes great sense. The concept of intercepting is great for when you are marching somewhere and you go through another area, you are drawn in. Both ideas are perfect and flawless. HOWEVER, the reason I am making this post is that there is a missing piece that causes a tragedy of realism and a loss of strategic planning.

Let's say you have 2 camps side by side. Both overlap in their red box aggro region, so whichever you attack, you are "spotted" by both. If you attack the first one, than you fight once and go home without the second camp drawing you in. If you attack the second one, you fight both since you are intercepted by the first one. This is a problem. If you enter the sites of either camp, you should fight both camps.

To give an example of why this is a necessary component I will illustrate by using an extreme real life case first. This would be the same if someone came into my neighborhood with a truck of gasoline and some matches. They burn my neighbors house, and I watch and do nothing unless they burn my house or go to the neighbor past me. In battle, the same situation would apply if I was a leader of a camp and my co-general's camp was under attack I would support regardless if the attacker had to walk through my camp first or not.

The extra benefit of making this situation more realistic is that it will give a new opportunity of strategy. If someone is forced to fight 2 camps side by side, they may not have enough troops with 1 general. They will have to send in 2 and time the battles according to make sure they have the right general fighting at the right time. This will be epic for doing adventures with 2 or more people. They can all coordinate an attack on a certain region that has 2+ camps and make this more fun. The skeptics will call it annoying or a pain, but for the community who really is excited about this game (like myself), it will be a huge win.

Thank you for your time and consideration and I would love to see this put in motion if you agree,