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Thread: Daily Guild Quest consumes resources

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    Daily Guild Quest consumes resources

    Our guild got the quest that each member should collect 2000 tools and 50 titanium ore. But when fulfilling the objective, the resources disappeared, they were consumed! This isn't the manner of standard Daily Quests.
    Why did the resources disappear? Is it a bug or is it intended? If it's intended, I don't feel like doing any more Guild Quests...
    Edit: No personal reward was given either. I was supposed to gain some coins and some exotic planks, I got nothing. Only robbed on my 2000 tools and 50 titanium ore.
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    it is intended, if quest says "make available" it means it will take it when you press finish on the quest.

    So if you dont want to lose the resources, don;t press finish and all is ok

    As to rewards, they go directly into your inventory- so it can be hard to see if you got it unless you had zero of the resource before the reward in storehouse.

    As with any of the daily quest, it is best to play em with some caution- only do the ones where the reward outweights the cost of it, which is not always the case

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