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Thread: Could you be a MasterBaker? Are you Better Bread?

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    Could you be a MasterBaker? Are you Better Bread?

    Then we want YOU! Join the guild with active, chatty players. Enjoying the game, having fun. We're better Bread.
    We share but you don't have to take it - this goes equally for advice and resources.

    Simple rules apply to any who wish to join:

    1. Preferential trade rates for guildies, and accept that you'll get 'free' stuff occasionally
    2. Develop your own island to the best of your ability, and help the lower level players do the same
    3. Buff each other when you can
    4. Treat each other as you'd like to be treated
    5. Any problems with other guildies, sort it out asap. Don't let it fester. Contact an officer if you can't resolve it between you.
    6. You're a MasterBaker now - don't taint the [Bread] tag by getting banned or making trouble in trade please

    Think you can agree to those rules? Then mail me ingame or reply here.

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    hi there.... i'm in level 31 coming soon i will be in level 32 ... i like to join in your guild

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    Akyouman86, are you looking in the right server? [Bread] is in Sandycove, I can't see anyone with your name on there?

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