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Thread: TSO is getting boring after level 30!?

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    TSO is getting boring after level 30!?

    Or should i say after clearing the home map!

    im now level 36 and i find playing the game getting boring, only thing i do is rebuild mines,wheatfield,wells, then wait for weapons to be build and then do an adventure and start all over again....

    isn't there a way to speed up this game!? the bonusses are given for logging in every day but when logging in every day the game is too slow!?!?

    problems for me;
    - building the expert buildings for not worth it! so why even go there!
    - rebuilding mines/wells/wheat is getting annoying
    - battles, when i have first strike 200 cav (i.ex.) why is the opponent getting a chance to strike back when is army is completly defeated in my first strike attack!?

    ive come to a point when i ask myself why i should keep on playing!?

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    if you thnk 30 is boring... best you stup now before it realy starts to frustrate you (ps XB come at 36 )
    Nevermind I give up

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    if its boring on lvl 30 than what i should say on lvl 50 ;p
    I want that lvl lvl cap faster!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bArAbAts View Post
    - battles, when i have first strike 200 cav (i.ex.) why is the opponent getting a chance to strike back when is army is completely defeated in my first strike attack!?
    The same reason why normal units strike back when they are red in the combat window, because they attack at the same time as your units with the same speed. So if the enemy has first strike units aswell, then they attack at the same time as your cavalry, and thus they are not completely defeated until the first strike round has ended and all first strike units have had a chance to attack.

    edit: ohyeah, you can also buy silo's and watermill's of other players, that's what i did, because i got tired of rebuilding all that crap all day long. You can also buy jolly geologists of other players, that also helps a lot.
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    I have to agree with bArAbAts, after clearing the island it just stops dead. The pricing for the expert buildings is so steep it's just ridiculous. The last Advanced buildings starts to cost thousands of resources, which is ok becasue by that time you should have quite a large pile and enough buildings to refill your stock. But then the Expert buildings costs even higher thousands but now of resources that you can't harvest on the island or refine in the Provision house. So then you need to use explorers to either get map pieces for adventures or find treasure. So that is what you do after level 30, Rebuild fields and mines and send out explorers. You can buy silos and watermills but then you'll have even less to do in the game...

    I joined the testserver and started over just to start over with an optimized island now when I knew where to place everything and to play a game where at least something was happening again. Playing the new tutorial there are quite a lot of quests on trading so I guess this is what they expect us to be doing after clearing the island, become day traders and sit there trying to spot the best deal in the trade tool.

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    Settlers was always about economy. I am at level 38 and I like managing buffs, trading, updating my building placement, maybe even destroying some to change my production chains and then upgrading existing buildings to see my economy get better and better. That's what gives me enjoyment.
    I am not so content of adventures because I have to spend resources to make troops and I like to keep my stocks high for trading. But then, it's the adventures that give me resources that let me upgrade my buildings.
    And that's how it goes for me.

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