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Thread: Server Zone Crashed 13 Sept

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    For the last 2+ hours I have had difficulty visiting friends' islands. Each time I try I get a server zone crashed message and have to restart the game. I have tried 3 pcs and two browsers on each (chrome and ie), Clearing cache and cookies. Is it just me? What else can I try?

    I did succesfully manage to visit and buff one friend in all of this. And I got to a second friends island but in this case my buffs had no effect.

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    no my game also crash a lot today after 2-3 min. of gaming it comes up with server connection lost :-S
    Normally i never have that problem

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    I keep getting the same problem, after 2 minutes it comes up server connection lost, please click ok to refresh your client.

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    i reported some lag and connection involving issues to support today and guess what they said ? That it's most probably a problem at my end !
    Yup,servers are running perfectly,no lag and connection issues recently. *Sarcasm*

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