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Thread: Cancel buff and dismiss troops

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    Cancel buff and dismiss troops

    Cancel buff

    I'm sure we've all had some well meaning person come and stick a platter on a building we were about to get basketted which is annoying since you have to wait 45 minutes so adding in the ability to cancel either friend only or both friend and self cast buffs on the building. The penalty for this is that your losing whatever time is remaining.

    Dismiss troops

    At the moment the only way to lose troops you no longer want is to get them killed which is easy enough (other than the 2 or 4 hour recovery time on attack your making purely to lose troops) when your taking over the island but much harder when you've taken the island as you'd have to purposefully start an adventure which is more than a minor inconvience, so the ability to dismiss a unit (weapons used to make and brew is not returned which would be the penalty/cost) to regain the settler to then train him again for the unit you want would make life much easier.

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    Good ideas.

    But perhaps rather than cancel buffs I would like to be able to add to a buildings buff.

    So that if I want I can buff a building with 2 gift baskets for a 12 hour buff.

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    Dismissing troops.

    I've also been thinking about the ability to dimiss troops. Sometimes what you have in the army is not what you need. The population should go immediately back into the population pool (any overflow going to the star menu), and I think you should get back the weapons (since they have just been sitting around). The brew should be lost (the assumption being it was consumed) and that along with the rebuild time would enough penalty that it would encourage people to give a little thought to doing so.
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    stop buff is available in rarity provision house. cancel buff by frend is a bad idea..

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