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    Exclamation Moderators

    I suggest moderators are vetted and monitored, and given exact guidelines to what they can and cannot do.

    Moderators are not employees of Blue Byte, but are people who actively want THE POWER.

    After witnessing 2 people being banned in 2 minutes i merely remarked about "people wanting power"
    I was banned for 2 hours !!!

    I made an official complaint about the moderator and then made another account to inform my friends, the moderator and the rest of Global chat that i had made this complaint.

    My account is now banned for life !!!

    My second suggestion is, that while megalomanical imbeciles are in control, that you do not spend money on this game !!

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    read rules (see my signature)

    you also note, that complaints about mod, goes to support, not in forum

    closing this.


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