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Thread: Adventures finding chances

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    Adventures finding chances

    Dear BB, Mods, The Queen

    Recently since the last update I have found no adventures worthy of my in game level, the best I have had for the past 6 weeks are map frags, traitors, outlaws and Island of pirates.

    Each time I send out an explorer it costs me 150 sausages and 30 GC. I sent these out twice per 36 hours.

    Prior to the update, I had found Nords, Victor the Vicious and other adventures worthy of playing. What has happened with adventure finding chances during the last update, if anything at all.

    I know other people from my guild have found multiple Nords etc within the space of a week. It is getting to the point where it is not worth me sending my explorers out, I would have more luck finding some rocking horse **** than a decent adventure lately.

    As you can tell I am slightly annoyed with the current adventures found, I put a lot of time and real life money into the game and would appreciate it if I were to find a decent adventure now and again. I would also like to know if other people are in the same situation as me?????

    Thanks for your time.

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    The chance on adventure finding is here:

    Bur random is random. If you where guaranteed a good drop every so much tries, then its not random anymore, and they might as well just increase the search time to 1 month and give the same adventures and same number of map fragments very go.

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