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Thread: gems too expensive!

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    gems too expensive!

    Gems are way too expensive!

    I have no idea on how much you sell of gems (and I don't care to know), but I am sure you would sell more than twice as much, if the prices were cut in half!

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    you have to take fee in to considderation to you know if you sell for 1$ you have almoust that in fee
    then you have the tax thats a big cut also
    then you got the pay for worker

    meaning to make any money at all you have to keap it at a lvl that you infact are getting some

    so just do like i did furst of all if you plan to buy do it big that way you get more gems for the buck and also help on fees
    and ofcorse dont miss out on promotions wen you get even more

    then on topp if you dont mind waiting you can get a gem mine and get 2 times of the gems back

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