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Thread: Connection to server lost

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    Unhappy Connection to server lost

    I get the message "Connection to server lost" when i get in to the game, or 2-3 minutes after. So, settlers is not playable for me at the moment. I have searched the forum, and i could not find anyone with the same problem. So the problem seems to be from my end, but i cant figure out how.

    Anyone with a clue?

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    Plenty of server call failed problems though, would this be the same problem that your experiencing.
    Maybe not as I can't access the game at all, let alone 2-3 minutes.
    Have a look at the Newfoundland forum.

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    And I'm still locked out due to a 'server error'. Doesn't seem to matter what part of the world you are from, or what server you are on. And they dont know whats causing it, or how to fix it.

    So join the ever-increasing club Keeday! The game is now a bogie lol

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