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Thread: New chat tab for Global-3

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    New chat tab for Global-3

    Once Halloween is out of the way I would like to see a tab under the chat window which takes players to Global-3. It is heartily boring to watch players continually trying to trade and/or swap in Global-1 then apologise with an "Ooops - soz wrong channel" just because they are too lazy to check which channel they are on. It clogs up chat and makes it awkward to follow any themed conversation.

    At the same time, a few bans for higher lvl players asking for help in G-1 over newer features, just because they are too lazy to read the patch notes at login may encourage people to make more use of the Help tab.

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    This is an old thread theme, going back to at least last December . . . and you have actually hit the nail on the head on why it would be a waste of time - firstly people will continue to try to trade in g-1 and people do trade with them as a result, secondly people don't use the help tab - players old or new, so a new global-3 chat tab would probably be ignored just as much.

    As for new features and the patch notes, I suggested months ago that people have to read all the way through them before accessing the game - the play tab being at the end of the notice list. Like most suggestions in the forum this went down like a lead balloon

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    But you can't complain about people trading in G-1 if there isn't a clear trade tab, most people that do it seem to be new and get a right earbashing for it, the chat is more full of people whinging about trade in G-1 than people actually trading in G-1!

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