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Thread: The Great Evil Halloween Poem/story Contest!

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    The Great Evil Halloween Poem/story Contest!

    The Great Evil Halloween Poem/story Contest

    Time span: 22nd of October – 05th of November.

    Evil Cometh

    A Settlers’ heart wanders the vast Northern Hemisphere with honesty and dignity
    Yet his soul gasps at this bittersweet coat and dagger dark society
    Those eyes, eternal crusaders of a distort reality, hunt and beg for simple safety
    Yet these enchanting thoughts do not echo well with ghoul, goblin, ghost like mentality
    For now, he will gladly take a detour, swim this corrupted ocean, with hope of finding one day true unity…

    My dear creepy crawlers,
    Halloween is creeping up on us…so why not celebrate the most horrific event of the year by showing us your writing skills?
    Since the creepy official in-game Settler Halloween event has started, we thought it necessary to start this cool contest, take your time and write up the creepiest Settler horror story or poem of all time!
    So prepare your pencils and keyboards, ready your evil corrupted minds and write a short horror story OR a short horror Poem involving our beloved Settlers!
    Let the horrific stories commence!


    12x 500 gems
    The ultimate grand winner will get a personalized title on the forum. (example : « The Great Evil Mastermind »


    • You have one regular game account.
    • Underage players must get parent's permission.
    • 3rd person rights must be respected.
    • Please use the “report post” function to report invalid postings.
    • Participants agree that Blue Byte/Ubisoft is allowed to announce the winners and present their submitted pictures. Channels that might be used to announce the winners and to show their work are websites, forums, Facebook groups and Twitter channels of The Settlers Online.


    • Your story or Poem must be related to The Settlers Online
    • Do not use swear words
    • No limits in characters but please remember that these are suppose to be short stories, same goes for poems, use common sense. (a whole page will not cut it)
    • Do not get carried away on gory details


    • Submission:
    o Post your poem in this thread
    o Important: The forum is moderated
    Only pictures that stick to all recommendations (content, deadline) will have a chance to win.
    • Deadline: 5th of November, 23:59 h (forum time).


    • The Ubisoft Blue Byte team chooses 3 winners.
    • On 9th of November the winners will be announced on the forum.
    • The rewards will be sent to winners as soon as possible, CW. 46/2012 the latest.

    Good luck and may the best story win!
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    A settlers fright

    In the stale hours of night
    My settlers have evolved
    To create true terror and fright
    Zombie nightmares unsolved

    With a creek in the hard plank door
    The hue of all hallows eve
    Seeping darkness will cover your floor
    And together with horror weave

    All your crops shall wither and fail
    Dear o’l Jack will make sure of that
    On the graveyard your future shall hail
    In the spell of a witch and her cat

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    my house
    Once again its that time of year
    Halloween is nearly here
    when ghost and gouls come out to play
    you'll be scared and run away
    with every bump and witches cackle
    you'll hide you head to avoid the hassle
    the ghost and gouls give you a fright
    playing settlers alone on halloweens night
    behind the couch you'll hide away
    waiting for a novembers day.

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    There was a young pumpkin called Eliot,
    Whos breath really did smell alot.
    When he came near,
    Generals did disappear,
    And left you unable to lootspot!

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    There was a grim reaper from hell,
    who had t'most horrible smell.
    He stunk out the map,
    but got tricked by a trap.
    We knew that weren't gonna go well!

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    Mr Myers and Frank and Stein
    The creepiest monsters my land has seen
    The Zombie monster will work for half a day
    And eighty pumpkins is all you pay

    Without the grim reaper general you will be a fool
    And build extra settlers in the village school
    So gather those pumpkins for a prank
    To dark buff friends you will be rank

    The sun buff will make the night all bright
    And those scary monsters they hate the light
    So dont be scared and have some fun
    Because halloween event will soon be done
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    A ordinary day of Halloween

    Every year, on Halloween
    In front of my mayor house i put,
    A very big pumpkin,
    And paint it, because i m good,

    In a hidous devil,
    For them, when they come at moon
    The rug rats with trick or treat,
    To be scared a bit.

    And like in every year,
    Even the bigger ones,
    How they see my pumpkin,
    Gee whiz!...they pee on self!

    But there is someone on my street
    Who has four devil kids
    When they put their mask
    They don't seen to be scared.....

    So i used my backup plan
    I called someone who is very good at this
    So he can help me scare this kids
    He is Grim Reaper of Halloween.
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    Out strolling my island,on this halloween night
    I chanced upon a most eerie sight
    A general and his men were all lined up to fight
    But 2 minutes later they all soon took flight
    Must have been one hell of a fight
    " Wild Mary ", i shouted " Did she give you a fright "?
    " No ",he replied,"Twas your ex blooming wife"
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    A Settlers Halloween Story.

    The tavern was quiet. The weather outside had turned foul, thunder, lightening, howling winds and rain driving away most customers. All except the three musketeers, as the Old Bill the Barkeep called them. A geologist, an explorer, and a general, sat in front of the taverns fire and all getting more and more intoxicated on brew as the evening passed. Old Bill shook his head, knowing full well that two of them would be helping the third up to his bed before long. As he mopped down the bar for the fifth time that night, despite the lack of customers, the wind blew open the bar door.
    “Oh for gawds sake,” muttered old Bill. He made his way slowly to the door and shut it tight. As he went to pour himself a pint for good measure, knowing no one was going to come in that night, the door opened again. Old Bill swore, and turned around, just as thunder and lightning clapped and flashed overhead.

    In the doorway stood a soldier. He was bloodied, beaten, as if he had been in battle. His armour was dented, his sword still in his hand as if he had fought his way back to the tavern itself. Without a word, he came in, shut the door and went to the bar. The three musketeers looked up, saw the soldier, and went back to their drunken conversation. As he made his way back behind the bar, the soldier took off his helmet, and set it on the bar. His hair was matted with blood, there was a cut above his eye. That in turn was blackened.
    “You alright lad?” asked Old Bill.
    “Aye. A bottle of yer finest.” He replied, the voice he used not matching his age. Old Bill eyed the steel sword at his side as he fetched the soldier a bottle of his best brew.
    “No, no charge. You look like you need it,” he said as the soldier put a gold coin on the table. “Where have you come from, lad?”
    “Mary’s land. We charged the camp this afternoon...the whole regiment was almost wiped out. Even our Veteran General. Just a handful of soldiers left, I don’t know if they got the longbow men.”
    “’re alright to rest here lad, if you need to.” Old Bill said as the soldier made short work of the brew.
    “No, last I knew, we were regrouping at the iron and coal mines in sector six. I need to head there. If anyone else comes, just tell them Soldier Eliot said to meet at the mines, would you?”
    “That I will. Good Luck, soldier.” Old Bill said, nodding to him as he left the bar, and went out of the tavern door.

    Barely half an hour went by when a group of recruits came in, injured. Old Bill fetched water and bandages for them, before pausing as they tended to each others wounds.
    “Anyone else came by?” asked one of them.
    “Soldier Eliot came through. Said you were regrouping at the iron and coal mines.” Old Bill replied, as the drunken geologist was helped up the stairs by the drunken general and explorer.
    “He can’t have” said one of the recruits. “What did he look like?” Old Bill described him to the group, whereupon they went pale, two of them vomited right there on the inn floor.
    “Bill...Eliot was killed in battle, by Mary herself. It can’t have been him you saw.”
    “If it wasn’t him, it were his ghost, I saw what i saw.” Old Bill said, adamantly.

    Days later, the recruit he’d spoken to stopped by again. He sat on a bar stool and put a steel sword on the bar.
    “You look like you been riding for days,” said Old Bill, passing a bottle of his best ale to the man, and waiving the coin.
    “I have. You probably won’t like this, but I’m going to tell you anyway. I went to the mines. When I got there, there were about fifty of our men waiting, the remaining soldiers. As soon as I got there, one of them shouted out to me “Eliot was right!” About what, I asked. Turns out, Eliot visited them as well that night. Told them he’d sent for help, and it would be with them in a few days. All he asked, was that you got this, in return for passing on the message.” The recruit tapped the sword. “Eliot’s body was recovered and buried yesterday, Bill. It was his ghost you saw, and they saw.”

    Since that night, every time there is a storm, Eliot appears, has his last drink, and fades away. And Bill always leaves his sword on the bar for him. Just in case.

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    Dead of night that evil descends my island
    My settlers growing tired, Yawning & snoring
    Little they know the reaper is drawing
    Closer he approaches yet hidden till morning
    With his cloak matching the shadow of a purpley night
    I summon the mightiest ball of white light
    This save’s all my settlers from the claws of his delight
    This is one Halloween special where the doors are locked tight.

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