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Thread: The Great Evil Halloween Poem/story Contest!

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    Sep 2012
    I love to wake and play this game.
    It's one of the best and puts others to shame.
    I like watching my settlers work ,quests and more.
    But i so need to upgrade my teeny store .
    One day with luck i want to join a guild .
    As i hope this helps me make friends and build.
    Then im so going to kill that bad wild mary .
    But i need some help as she looks very scary.
    Could be doing with more stone, gold and trees.
    So give me prize of 500 gems please..

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    A house in Australia (near gum trees)
    I absolutely love the imagery here capt. Sue, its an amazing peice!!
    The rhyming the beat, stunning... spell binding and captivating!
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    Pumpkin prophecy

    Somewhere surrounded by the great seas, lying small island full of dark mystery.
    Some says that is the myth, not real, but yet, its the time to think, about things what will come, if those who live, don t wake up before the dawn, to fight against evil one, and secret master who will come.
    Old ones knows this prophecy, but young ones will not listen.

    Before the time of the settlers, it was the seven masters who rule the island , they were told, that settlers will come, and bring down six masters, when last one stays, he will gain power, never seen before, and bring darkness on the island, because he knows, that his time has come. From the beginning of the time, they build and prepare they plan, to control that new race, and now, time its come , so lets see, what it will be.

    Not capable to conquer them outside , they decide to conquer them inside, not with the sword, like they did it before, not even bronze, iron and steel, could stop the man, of the iron will, so they take some of them, and teach them, how to build marvelous inventions, like wheel ,carriages and cannons , when they gain their trust, they teach them how to grow plants, specially one, that orange thing , no one could resist her.
    It was everywhere , but it only grows on cemetery , how weird is that, they call it pumpkin, and those ones who control pumpkin cemetery, control island , and they are called pumpkin masters, these days looks like a whole island, is gone crazy, about pumpkins, you can not buy or sell, if you don t have a pumpkin, and pumpkin masters becomes richer and richer , and more powerful then ever before, they only worship that mysterious teacher, who taught them about secrets of the pumpkins, and they force all settlers, to do the same.

    Settlers do not want to fight anymore, against evil one , they say that he is dead , that he is gone, when six master has overthrown, if he exists, where he is? probably he is hiding in the cave, they laugh… but what about a bandits , they are our sworn enemies, no !! they are just like we, today there is no difference between them and us, these days they want to make more and more pumpkins, just like we, and they care about nothing else.

    Settlers spend whole day growing pumpkins, buying them and selling them, they teach the children in the school, to play with pumpkins , to eat pumpkin soup, or pie, to write story ,or a poem, about pumpkins, to sing a song, and they will be greatly rewarded for that, but what about secret master, it has been told, that he will come in times like this, or maybe he is already here, no… like they say , it was just a myth ,fictional story of old ones , to scare children , or is it not, who cares, its time to make more pumpkins, you know what they say, time is a pumpkin… and with every pumpkin you make, that wicked mind gains, more, and more, power and control, over every soul living on island … but only the wise know, that worst, is yet to come.. when orange one, sits on the throne…

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    The night is coming quiver with fear
    All Hallows Eve is drawing near.
    Ghosts, goblins and ghouls will come out to play,
    All sane folk will hide away…

    Trick or treat! That’s the cry
    The marauding hoards go swooping by.
    Don’t look out, don’t show you’re home,
    Or they’ll knock down the door with a terrible moan…

    Strange things appear, Halloween draws nigh,
    Jack-O’-Lanterns watch as you tiptoe by.
    Zombies and monsters wait to be fed,
    Eliot tries hard not to lose his head…

    All Hallows Eve is drawing near
    A night for big scares and unnatural fear,
    Samhain stirs from its restless bed,
    To herald again the day of the dead…

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    Foul nights are these so cold and dark,
    Where settlers come and make their mark,
    Trees they chop and stone they take,
    Ore they mine and tools they make.

    What right have they to claim this ground,
    Where ancestors lie without a sound?
    Their rest disturbed with great annoy,
    As living geologists jump for joy.

    An answer we'll give to this noisy bunch,
    A thousand zombies will steal their lunch!
    Without their food they'll sit and weep,
    And maybe then we'll get some sleep.
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    It is good...

    They come in the dark, in the midst of night.
    Haunt your thoughts till the break of light.

    Pumpkins! Pumpkins! With a grin on their face.
    But in daytime scared of humans, a greedy race.

    Trick or trade, is the new game in town.
    If your not good in tricks, trade the diamonds of your crown.

    Pumpkins! Pumpkins! With hollow eyes, and a fire within.
    If you look close, you can see what greed can turn you in.

    For me it's too late, i'm hooked to them all.
    I love my pumpkins, the big and the small.

    I'll love em till death, and even beyond that.
    I had to bribe the grim reaper, he now works as my pet.

    Pumpkins! Pumpkins! So scary at first.
    Now there's not enough to kill my pumpkin thirst.

    I got silo's full, but want more, so much more.
    I work hard to buff, and create my own pumpkin galore.

    Will it ever end, o soon i hope.
    Not much more sleepless nights i can cope.

    Till then, watch close over your pumps, night and day.
    For me and the reaper, want to trick or trade them away.
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    You can´t from halloween run,
    so start your Settlers and have some fun.
    Start a adventure kill the camps and spread some fear.
    Enjoy the speed of the grim reaper who just got here.
    I sit by my computer and write,
    thinking if this really sounds alright.
    It sounds like it got the right beat,
    but who cares let´s go to wild mary for some trick or treat.

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    The dawn breaks and i ready my men, to do battle overseas with the bandits again
    Drink your brew my soldiers! for it may be your last!, get a good wind in those sails upon our mast
    For a bandit island we set sail , Woe will be us for should we fail
    Sharpen those swords my men! and tighten them bows
    with the hearts of lions, we will defeat our foe's
    With sturdy horses and cannons roaring
    Into battle we go with confidence soaring
    Only a sound victory will suffice
    To liberate this island from the bandits vice
    We sail into the distance and i smile with glee
    As i know for sure its a Settlers life for me
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    I was gently napping
    When there was a gentle tapping on the door,
    A gentle tapping on my chamber door…
    Looking outside I saw my reflection
    I stared at the section and tried to look out
    Only, to in my image see how I lookout.
    Taking a stroll
    I met a troll
    Throwing a lemon
    I thought it was a demon
    It was a strange creature, a troll demoning
    or a demon trolling…
    Whatever it was I will call it a TrollDemon.
    And so I decided it would not be undone
    A head near an ass
    Belonging to a lass
    Hi there I called, but
    I was stopped for she said I am Peanut
    And I am an ass, very nice.
    An ass and nice? Sounds like fire and ice
    How could it be I enquired?
    She replied ‘I’m so tired’
    I’ll try to explain
    But fear no pain
    I am from all settlers service
    We have a knowledge broadness.
    She continued saying
    I should be paying
    Attention for tonight
    I would have to fight
    Against Eliot
    I wouldn’t miss him for he smell a lot
    I first saw a Yellow person who said he was Bosse with a title Lord
    All I could think of was what I could afford…
    As he lacked of smell I searched
    And soon I lurched
    Forward as I saw
    And tried to tell him the law
    But suddenly I heard a boo
    Coming from a person in blue…
    It was ravel
    That forth had come to unravel
    The fight that had started
    Since all I cited
    The rules of the night
    After my sight
    And all this has been
    For it is Halloween

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    All over Settlers pumpkins were seen
    Planted we assume by the Evil Blue Queen
    She left lots of schools and mysterious ghouls
    As she wandered through chats
    Beheading people for CAPS!

    And the players did moan
    That the pumpkins she'd sown
    Were to few indeed for the items they'd need
    so they all jumped on trade
    Where the economy was slayed

    Trade is a fright!
    Was the cry in the night
    And the grim reaper stood in his cape and his hood
    waiting for armies to lead
    In foul heinous deeds

    Many trolls did come out
    In the darkness to shout
    And were slain by bright lights and the hammers of might
    Thus some peace was restored
    Except G-1 trades for some swords

    So these are the tales of fear and of woe
    And of settlers besieged by a fearsome foe
    Not the monsters and ghosties or the creepy old crow

    But fear of the dark and a nasty stubbed toe!!!!!!

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