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Thread: New event, more problems: production cycle reset

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    New event, more problems: production cycle reset

    I have started the pumpkin fields 11 days ago: 33 production cycles for the small ones, 66 for the common ones.
    Actual production cycles executed: 24 and 52 respectively.

    For some (good) reason the production cycles get reset every now and then. It started with once a day for the small ones, now it is three times a day.
    I will not speculate on the causes.

    One might say - so what, you get two extra weeks to exhaust them and cash in the pumpkins.
    Leaving aside the wasted baskets (only about 50) all buildings get the same reset - everything that is produced in a large amount of time sees a big hit: wheat, sausages, iron/steel bars/swords.
    One stadium snack brought me (traded with a friend on a level 4 coinage) 1408 coins. Last one -during the event- brought under 1300.

    I have had a good impression about the support offered up until recently. The last ticket -containing the timer problem too- received inadequate answer on all (but one) matters. I will not draw a new one.

    (Much) Later edit:
    Every day I said to myself that closing the thread was a good idea, to prevent inflammatory comments.
    Every day new surprises: visit a friend to change buffs, fields reset; make an adventure with blocks, fields reset; make an adventure without blocks, field reset... land a friendly buff on the pumpkin fields to have it cover 2 cycles for the small one - timers of field gets delay, you only cover one cycle... The really good one was that the flash player, otherwise 'pushed' to get more experience may not coexist peacefully with any other flash player - not even those from ads in the combat simulator page - player crashes, fields reset.

    And now, pour la piece de resistance (TADA!):
    Last production cycle did not produce the pumpkins! Fields exhausted, buffs used, pumpkins missing.
    The game experience decreases in quality at a faster rate then before.

    The community is obviously somnolent, taking for granted everything that comes its way. Or somebody would have said, let us have some en masse reward for being patient with the game.

    {close thread, leave others to do meaningful game suggestions}
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