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Thread: Cleaning Of Home Island / for Normal generlsl / - NEW PATH

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    Cleaning Of Home Island / for Normal generlsl / - NEW PATH



    Needed units : 3106 + 75B + 125M + 433C + 115LB +50S

    IMPORTANT: Please check the garrison settings always by yourself with combat simulator . I could not 100% guarantee, that there aren't any typing errors left.
    Every "GROUP" attack (named BLOCK) mean sending immidiately one after one. . . .

    There is a problem with the scaled image, but you can go to to see the fullsized image/guide. Cheers, Fexno

    First of all i must say sorry for my English it is foreign language to me and i will try to explain what i want to tell. . .

    Because KillerCore's guide was made on old path system, we chose to make new guide with new path and with some improvenes (we think )

    Of Course, thanx KillerCore on his great guide (we will use some part of it)

    Lets go from begining . . .

    Our Home Island is parted on some sectors . .for better understanding , here is the picture

    We will call this sectors with numbers. Sectors 2,3,5,6,7,8,9 have bandit camps that we need to destroy and on that way clean our island. Every sector have diffrent number of camps and diffrent combinations of troops to attack.

    Old guide are based on cleaning sectors 2,5,7,3,8,6,9 and we now change that order and do cleaning sectors on following order . . .sector 2,5,7,8,6,3,9
    On that way we can reduce troop loses and also time for cleaning island
    We hope u will be satesfied with our job

    Here it is some FAQ first (KillerCore, thanx for that) :

    Q: Will i lose exp if i skip camps?
    A: Once the leader is killed you also get all the exp from the remaining camps that dissapear. You do however miss out on a bit of loot.

    Q: Can i retreat my general?
    A: If your general is still moving on the map then yes you can. Click on the garrison of the general and click the Retreat button.

    Q: How do i move my general to X location?
    A: Click on the Garrison of your general and click on Transfer.

    Q: What are those red squared around all the camps?
    A: This is the influence zone of a camp. if you go through this you will be drawn to that camp to fight. This also means your general can be intercepted before it reaches the desired camp.

    Q: Can i send other setups then the once you posted?
    A: You sure can but always be sure you only lose Recruits in the fight. Unless it's a Leader

    Q: I am closing in on the last zone? is this the end?
    A: Once you reach level 26 you get the ability to do Adventures.So your next step is playing adventures

    Q: Why are you using mostly recruits?
    A: They are cheap and are build fast. if you have some special units be sure to send them only when your sure they will not die. Always use the calculator.

    Q: Do enemy's respawn?
    A: Enemy units do not respawn once killed. Bosses do recover there health if he still has HP left and your general dies.

    Q: Can i get faster settlers besides waiting 15m or gems?
    A: You can turn 25 Bread into 1 Settler in the Provision House.

    Q: WTF the retreat button on my garrison is Grey, i can't push it.
    A: You can only retreat if your general is moving on the map not while fighting. Also when a general comes out of a camp and you have your garrison already open then the window will not update, so be sure to click the garrison when your general is moving on the map!

    First information is that we must fallow table for attacking in order . . .dont try to make changes

    ok . .lets explain our map. . .

    In table u have wich camps to attack , position from u must attack and troops u need to use in that attack . . .look at some example...

    . . .it tells us that we must be with our garrison on position G1 and from this position we will attack camp 2-1 with 11 Recruits. In this fight we can lose maximum 3 Recruits. (real loses will be probabluy be smaler because 3 Recruits is maximum loses)

    Here it is one more example

    . . .in this example we see that we need to be at position G3 and attack camp 7-7 with 125 Recruits and 75 Bowmans . . .maximum loses we can expect is 94 Recruits

    Simple. . . right ?

    OK . .in some cases we cant win in battle in just one attack (because enemy is to strong ) . .in this cases we will use couple of attacks (in one attack we will kill some enemy units and then we can send another attack to kill the rest)

    In our table u will see next to camp number /a or /b (or/c . .depance of how manny times we will atack)

    Lets see on example . . .

    . . .in this example we see that for camp 8-5 we need to make two attacks (8-5/a and 8-5/b) . .first we send from position G4 attack on camp 8-5 with 105 Recruits and 95 Cavalry and after that from position G4 (after our general recover - becouse he will die in first battle) we send attack again but now with 60 Recruits, 70 Bowmans, 50 Militia and 20 Cavalry. After that second attack we will win this camp.

    If u have more than one general u cen send second attack right after firtsone finish his job but try to position second general so close firstone (generals must have almost same path) . .we dont need to be intercepted with other camp because we are on diffrent position

    And that is all folks . .i hope my text are undersundable

    Now i like to say few words for BRAVE PLAYERS

    There is a way for more reducing troop loses . .for that operation we must use BLOCKS ?!?!?

    What is blocking? How does it work? What are the advantages?

    I saw good text from Tage and i will use it here (thanx Tage )

    "The objective with all blocks is to reduce the number of normal camps you have to attack.
    Many of the camps we'd like to avoid attacking are however placed so,
    that their red area of influence covers the path or the entrance to the sector's leader camp,
    or other camps we cannot avoid killing to get to the leader.

    Thus, we block them instead...

    Blocking is possible due to the fact that while a camp is being attacked,
    it will not intercept any other generals marching through its red area of influence.

    There are two methods of blocking:

    Method 1 is to use a general with one cheap unit (typically one recruit, which is why they are called 1R blocks).
    This general will not fight for too long before he has lost his battle. A normal general will fight for 20 seconds.

    During these 20 seconds, another general would not have time to march across all the red influence area of that blocked camp.
    However, he would be able to march through the corner of that area, or to attack another camp located near the front edge of the red area.

    Method 2 is to use so called round blocks (based on the number of rounds a fight can have).
    In this case you attack the camp you don't want to kill with a troop setup that is optimised for a fight that will last as long (having as many rounds) as possible.
    While that fight is going on, another general could march through its red area of influence and attack the leader camp of that sector.

    When you kill the leader camp in a sector, all camps that haven't been killed before will be gone at the same time.
    If this happens while the blocking general is still fighting, that fight will be cancelled, and your general would return to his garrison without losing any troops.

    The troops used in a round block are mostly a combination of
    soldiers/elite soldiers (having a high defence and taking a long time for the enemy to kill)
    cavalry (having a low attack and taking a long time for you to kill the enemy)

    When doing blocks, the timing and/or garrison placements are crucial.
    A block that starts too late will cause your main general to become intercepted when entering the red area of the blocked camp.
    A 1R block that ends too quickly could cause your main general to become intercepted before leaving the red area of the blocked camp. In both this case and the previous case, you should still be able to retreat your main general, before he also enters that camp you tried to block. In this case you will only lose that one recruit plus 4 hours of waiting time till that normal general has recovered.
    A round block that ends too quickly, before the leader is gone, would lead to you losing many of the rather expensive troops involved in the round block.
    Always use a normal general for blocking (fast generals would make the blocks last only half the time),
    and a fast general for the attack on a leader (a normal general would double the fighting time on the leader).
    The troop setups for the attack on the leader may have significance too. The fewer rounds it lasts, the better.

    Note also that blocking is nothing BlueByte planned for this game. It's something players have found out.
    The round blocks have mainly become possible due to the difference in fighting time for normal and fast generals.

    With this in mind, also don't expect BB to replace any troops you lost in a failed block.
    Also, try not to do any advanced blocks if the lag is bad."

    Ok . .Tage is explained i think . . .right ?

    Here, on HOME ISLAND we can use Methaod 1 block

    Here it is some picture example for BLOCK we can use it. . .

    As u can see, we need to send one attack from position G7 on camp 9-12 (with 1 Recruit) and right after them u need to send second attack from position G8 on camp 9-14 (with 200 Calvary) . . .first attack will ocupie camp 9-14 and our real attack not will be intercapted and it will attack leader camp (9-14)
    In table u see that we must do that BLOCK thing two times because leadercamp have strong army and we must attack it two times (that is why we need to do BLOCK two times)

    With this BLOCK OPERATION we can reduce looses for more than 200 Recruits (because we dont need really to destroy camp 9-12).

    Here it is VIDEO of this Block (i did not realy play this block because i had to do attacks on regular way for testing regular map but i made it for u with attacks with 1 army unit only just for u to see what happenes when one general begin fight and second dont be intercepted).

    Once again, sorry for my bad English and posible type errors
    enjoy in game


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    Nice one

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    Except, it belongs in the Adventures section, or maybe the New Players/ Guides one, not General Discussions.
    We love our new CM.

    Newfoundland: 20th November 2011 to 25th November 2014. RIP
    It was good while it lasted.

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    very good clear advice, brilliant.

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    Hello trimy,

    Wrong section of the forum .

    [Thread moved]

    Thank you,

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    Hi there, nice guide except the click on single sectors does not work now, but thanks for guide anyway

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    this is nice

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    Can this be stickied? Given the number of people on help asking how to clear their island?

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    Camp 6-5 can not be reached without interception.

    Is there a possible block combo for this section ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaliLB View Post
    Camp 6-5 can not be reached without interception.

    Is there a possible block combo for this section ?
    Try again (be sure that your garrison is on propher G5 position) . .. map is completly safe


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