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Thread: Trade Calculator - New Online Tool

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    Is there not one made for SandyCove?

    Need any Help? Just ask. I will try to help you as much as I can.

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    I know of a few people who have created Trade sheets, that are updated by a chosen few with access. They are private though, not public, though you could get the links to them from people.

    None of them are accurate to my satisfaction at all. I am constantly updating (in my head) resource values as the market shifts. And I don't want to waste my precious time updating a sheet/calculator with the changes.

    Keep in mind, there are 2 values to every resource:
    1. Production value (this is a Gold Coin value that the resource costs to produce, using a constant 'time' value, which i use as the equivalent to a 9hr basket cost)
    2. The current market value the item is trading at. Which is somewhere in the middle of what the majority people will buy and sell for.

    I'm guessing you simply want Market Value, so you know what ratio of resources to use in a trade. But it's good to know both values to make profitable trades.

    I'll check with people i know to see if they are OK with me posting links to their Resource value sheets here.


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    i think the way is collect data for few days and then analyse them. you will found data like:
    1000 Bread for 1gc, 10gc, 18gc, 20gc, 20gc, 30gc, 30gc, 30gc, 158gc, 200gc.
    so you can't just simple make average from it. you have to remove 1, 10, 158 and 200 gc and than make average. you have to look how offen you have 1gc, 20gc etc. then you will see 1gc is just 10x but 20gc is 100x. so you know 1gc is not real price. than you can make average with 20gc minimum price and 30gc maximum price. you also have to be careful count each trade just once

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