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    Image Upload

    Uploading Images

    Hello Settlers .

    In this guide I will show you how to use one of the most common forum tools!

    How do I upload a picture?

    1) You must have access to the picture you wish to upload.

    2) An account with ImageShack, it's free to register! (There are various photo hosting sites but I will use ImageShack for this guide)

    A) Browse: Clicking this button will open a window, you can then locate and select the picture you wish to upload. Make sure your image is the correct file format, I recommend using .JPEG.

    B) Image resize: Select the menu and click 'Do not resize', however if the image is very large I suggest leaving the settings at default.

    C) UPLOAD NOW: Click this link and you are done!

    Your picture has now been uploaded to ImageShack!

    Insert image on the forum

    Once your picture has been uploaded you will be automatically redirected to another page.

    You will find a section on the bottom left that looks similar to this:

    1) Copy the URL from 'direct link' (highlighted on the image above).

    2) Go back to the forum and in your thread/post type [IMG]Insert the URL here![/IMG]

    Congratulations, you have posted your picture

    If you get confused, post here and I will do my best to assist you further .
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