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Thread: Daily Guild quest chain bug

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    Daily Guild quest chain bug

    So I have this
    Guild Quest Bug.jpg
    problem with my guild quest chain (and apparently other in my guild does too), the only condition is done, however it cannot be completed.

    Anyone got a solution for this? I've tried reloading twice.

    Sorry for the low quality picture, I was hoping the server would allow me to host a proper sized image, but apparently not, anyways by colors you should still be able to see what I mean.

    I remember the quest stating yesterday that we needed 24 members to complete it, today it only says 23, perhaps its an internal bug related to this number?

    Edit 2:
    It apparently fixed itself during the day.
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    I only have a guild quest in the waiting section of my quest log.
    Tho i don't have a guild quest to finish so I'm screwed ... The rest of the guildies has one, i don't :'(

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    same problem

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