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Thread: [Feedback] End of the World

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    This event was little more than a pat on the back to the oldest servers, nicely executed BB... Next time make the adventure suitable across all servers by making it multi-difficulty levelled then perhaps players won't cancel it when they find it too hard (or 'cheat' as you nicely put it). Here's hoping BB manage to pull off a decent Easter event with veteran generals as the reward.

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    Im sacred to respond to this in case I get threatened with a ban from the game by the forum mods again so will just cower in the shadows

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    introducing harder adventures for higher level players is a good idea. it will make it harder for the old servers, but is also means the high levels are not doing the same adventure 2-3x a day. Which gets a bit boring after a bunch of them.

    Balancing the severs:
    I'm afraid different adventure-types wont be enough to balance the servers though. It is very difficult to predict how strong and how active a server is. Just looking at the level isn't enough. I can imagine a server of 2 years old had even more high levelplayers then a 1 1/2 year old server, but are they still as active? Do the big guys actually care at all for a 'lousy reward', as the complaint of many high levels was. You also have to find out how active the players really are. Maybe let them sign in for an event. Or look at other signs, such as experience gained on a server last week, or marble-deposits refound. Might seem a silly little thing, but it could be an easy way to tell something about server-activity.
    It's a nice idea, but having a competition between such different servers.... I'm afraid it is too complicated.

    Another big problem for many players: there are people who dont help at all, or even try to raise their trade-prizes. Yet they still get rewarded.
    That too is really hard to solve. Just counting the adventures completed isn't enough, that would ignore other ways of helping (donating resources mainly). A few ideas to help solve this:

    * Introduce temporary Event-coins, and give everyone 1000 of them.
    Then you can use them to trade, buy 1000 brew for 1, 200 bread for 2... or maybe send a few coins to someone who helps a lot with answering eventrelated-questions or works to keep the spirit high. When the event is over, reward the peolpe who completed 1 or more adventures, as well as those who have 1000+ event coins.

    * introduce gold, silver and bronze category. Reward those who did the most a bit better then the people just doing 1 adventure while capable of much more.

    * skip the competition between server. It does make it comlicated. It's easier to do a competition between guilds. With smaller groups, you have a much better idea who is doing a lot and who doesn't. If someone just tries to profit: simply remove the fellow from your guild. That does remove the idea of fighting as a whole server though, which I personally really enjoyed.

    You can also just accept there will always be people who are just out for personal gain (whatever good that might be in a game...). You can not solve that without making events more complicated.
    I just choose not to get annoyed by a hand full of people trying to get rich. Just ignore them, and enjoy a simple event. Work together, share tips and resources. I did my share of fighting, and had lots of fun. And the fact that some free-riders got a roasted duck too, well my weebles have other things to worry about.

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