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Thread: Our strategy to win the End of the World Event with this entire server

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    Whilst, to some extent, I aggree with the "life isn't fair, get over it" point. If a player chooses to buy gems for a vet or buy a starter pack and get a 220 general... fine. What I dont like is that a group of players get an advantage, and it is an advantage however small it might be, for no other reason than the luck of geography!
    Yes, life isn't fair, be nice if it was tho eh?

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    Whit the Help and the spirit from ouwer guild i was able to do this at lvl 31
    Okey it took me 3 days to completed it 1.5 to make troops before launch and approx another 1.5 day s to finish it
    Wel im honest and whit the Happy hour i made my choise and bought me a vet General
    but still needed to do it whit 1 vet en 2 normal generals that "almost " needed to send up and down constant
    also they needed to recover so i could have a break and managed to rebuild the army bit by bit

    So i thank you guys for the big help !

    to get the adventure its a nobrainer, i sended out my explorer 6 times on short (i have no other options :-) ) and 3 time its was Eotw
    So i hope i can send them into to guild tommorow , cause 1 time is enhough for me =)

    Dont give up and keep up the spirit .....its not over till the fat lady sings :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mannypaci View Post
    Dont give up and keep up the spirit .....its not over till the fat lady sings :P
    I think i can hear her warming up Mannypaci.

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