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Thread: Updates written on TSO mainpage...

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    Updates written on TSO mainpage...

    Why is it so hard for TSO to post a proper link when they write about forum posts??

    On the mainpage when they write:

    Our weekly maintenance will take place this Thursday, December 13th at 00h30 and end approximately around 8h00 GMT (Uk time).
    This update will include some fixes. Don't forget to check the forum right here for the latest news, events and updates!
    I belive that HERE should point to a forum thread, where is it?
    Someone who has the link about what updates/fix is comming?

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    Barger Compascuum
    today at 12.12.12 at 1400 hours at homepage is a post that shows a stat for the event for 1800 hours. 4 hours in front of the future?

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