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Thread: A lottery with guild coins (and other suggestions)

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    Cool A lottery with guild coins (and other suggestions)

    I have heard many complaints about the usefullness of guild coins. As it is, it isnt really profitable to do the guests, although I do them everyday for the good of the guild. I have a few suggestions about guild coins.
    1. A lottery system where you can buy 'lottery tickets' with guild coins with chances to win cool stuff like mysterious adventure box (somewhat rare), mysterious decoration box (very rare), and building deeds (extremely rare).
    2. Increase the amount of items that can be purchased. Some items I would like to see are deposit refills, generals (normal type), savage scout. impoved drill plan.
    3. Use guild coins to upgrade materials (like turning marble into granite).
    4. Purchase adventures with guild coins (I dont know why BB makes it so hard to find adventures when that promotes continuous play).

    Pls tell me what you think or add suggestions. Just be sure your suggestions are not too extreme (like buying veteran generals)

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    We need something to spend those useless guild coins on!!!

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    This is a good idea, being able to buy more adventures with guild coins would be a good, I Know you can buy "The Nords" with 2,800 guild coins but other adventures should also be possible to purchase. Only 6 items in Guild Market is not a lot of choice

    I also agree that at the moment doing the guild quests is unprofitable as you often have to sell items that are far more valuable.

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